KRMM Higher Secondary School Chennai:

Compact Discs, Hidden Risks

A monk rotating a disk: Are CDs just playful gadgets or
 dangerous for the environment?
We, the students of Kumararani Meena Muthiah Matriculation Higher Secondary School, are proud to be participating in Greening with Goethe, an international project on environmental protection and sustainable development.  We have chosen to focus on e-waste as our contribution (Compact Discs, Hidden Risks) to the project.  In particular, we will be discussing the dangers that compact discs (CDs) can potentially pose to the environment.  
In this post and the posts that follow, we will be providing information on the manufacturing process of CDs, as well as offering helpful tips on to prolong the life of a CD and dispose of it properly.  In conjunction with this blog, we will ask our neighborhood to give us their unused and broken CDs and CD cases, which we will then take to a recycling plant.  There, we will interview employees regarding the process through which the CDs are broken down into their individual components for safe disposal.  Through this project, we hope not only to make an immediate impact on our neighborhood, but also raise awareness in the greater community regarding the importance of sustainability.  By educating the public regarding proper care and disposal of CDs, we will be making a small but important step towards the ultimate goal of complete sustainability